There are a lot of privacy concerns when it comes to mobile devices.  Below is a story about how people can track your location based on pictures taken on a mobile device.

In this video, it shows you ways to protect yourself and your pictures, but it is pretty scary that people can track pictures you take of your children.  This video has over 51 million views, which shows people are concerned about their privacy. Phone carriers keep records of every phone call you make and receive and even keeps text messages.  Verizon only keeps the actual messages for 3-5 days, but they do keep information about who you send and receive text messages with.  AT&T also keeps messages and records for up to 5 years. 5 years! This is crazy to me how much information the phone carriers have and how much they keep.

There are ways to protect your privacy on a mobile device when it comes to apps and what content you share, but there is a lot of personal information that cell phone providers keep, too. I never really thought about all the information AT&T has on me! What do you think? Do you think the cell phone carriers should be held more responsible for users privacy?


Everyday at work I deal with SEO.  Anytime I update our company web page or add a new product, I am constantly thinking about our SEO.  This video does a pretty good job of showing how Google search works.

When doing some research about SEO, I found an  interesting article on Mashable about getting married and how changing your last name will affect your personal SEO.  I never really put much thought into this until after I read the post! Think about it, how many girls do you see on Facebook and you don’t even know who they are since they changed their last names! I also still call my good friends by their old last names.  It is really important for bloggers and writers to keep their maiden names on the internet so they don’t lose their SEO.

I personally am one of the fortune it ones who will have increased SEO once I change my last name.  My last name is Miller and it so hard to get anything with my name! I am looking forward to changing my last name to a less common one, and then I can increase my SEO! Has this happened to you? If so did you keep your maiden name on your online profiles?

Texas A&M is turning to social media to create excitement around the school and their football program.

Football coach Kevin Sumlin is embracing social media to spread the word about the Texas A&M football program. He is using social media as a tool to reach out to potential recruits and show them that Aggie football is cool and hip. Coach Sumlin and players have embraced the hashtag #AggieFBLife to show an inside look on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as to what it is like to be an Aggie football player.  They even created their own website to showcase their social media posts.  Here is a screen shot of what the website looks like:

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 10.11.43 PM

You can see it is very social media driven and gives a new look to the traditionally conservative school. The Daily Beast also featured Texas A&M as a school that unites the student body through social media.  It is now one of the most followed schools on Twitter and one of the only to have Pinterest page.

I think it is extremely important for colleges and universities to create strong social media followings and Texas A&M is doing it right.

The first time I heard this song was in late October when I was teaching dance. An 11 year old started singing it to me and all of a sudden, 15 girls ages 9-12 were singing this song. I immediately put a stop to it and asked what they were singing. They told me it was a song on YouTube and that I HAD to watch it.  After dance, I went home and watched the video.

I thought it was funny, but extremely annoying. Although I didn’t really like it, I couldn’t stop singing it! I banned it from my dance class and hoped to never hear it again.  But, I can’t escape, this song is everywhere!

It now has over 261 million views on YouTube, and it is being published into a children’s book.  It’s amazing to me how one video posted in September has gone viral and is everywhere.  The duo Ylvis recorded this song to promote their Norwegian TV show and their goal was to record the silliest song with the highest budget. I’d say this video really worked in promoting the duo and their show.  What do you think about “What Does the Fox Say?”

One of the newest trends in emerging media is advergaming.  Brands are creating games that represent the brand and the message they are sending. Below are examples of M&Ms and Burger King games created to spread awareness of these brands.

These games are ways for brands to create an entertaining game to capture audiences. This is they way brands will use advertising in the future.  Although brands have been creating games since the early 1980s, just recently has the term advergaming been coined.  The idea of brands creating games around a product has been around for along time, but advergaming is really exploding in the marketing world.  Advergaming is a way to capture the audience of the target market and keep their attention after 30 seconds.  With a commercial, brands only have 30 seconds to a minute to grab their target market’s attention, but with an adveragame there is more time to showcase the brand. Have you ever played an advergame?

Have you ever been to a big sporting event and tried to use your Smartphone and realized you barely have service? This happens to me every time I go to a Pittsburgh Pirate game at PNC Park.  I love using Foursquare and checking in places, but if I don’t remember to check in before I walk in to the park, it won’t happen.  A couple weeks ago I read an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about teams spending millions to have Wi-Fi available to fans.  Although this video is promoting a product, it really captures how people use their phones at a major sporting event.

The article said a team could spend as much as $10 million to install technology to have bandwidth to support cellular and Wi-Fi networks in a stadium.  I got excited as a fan because along with checking in, I love uploading pictures from a big game and using Twitter to follow other team scores. After reading the article, it made me realize how much teams see the marketing value around having Wi-Fi available to fans.  A buzz can be created around fans that are using their phones during the games.  The article said NFL has instructed all 32 teams to install Wi-Fi in every part of their stadium by 2015.

When designing a website, it is extremely important to create a website that is user friendly.  If a website is difficult to navigate, consumers could turn to a competitor.  Another important factor to consider when designing is what design specialists call responsive web design.  A web site with a responsive web design will respond correctly when displayed on any type of screen.  This means the website will work on a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet. If the website is created with a responisve web design, there is no reason to have a second website that is just for mobile devices.  This video below demonstrates the difference between a responsive and a non responsive website.

I never realized the difference until I watched that video.  This is so important for businesses to be able to have their website adapt and their customers are able to view their site on any type of device. Google is even changing their search algorithm so websites that are responsive will have a higher ranking! Have you noticed this on any websites that you visit frequently?